Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And no one sees the pain, I hide behind my eyes
And no one feels the aches, that I hold in my throat
And no can seem to know, why my blood pours
And no can read the words, that I've clearly written out

Have I been encrypted to a point beyond of recognition
That no one can sense an iota of desperation, I'm at the last resort 

Puppet master pull the strings
On this last line, I'm barely hanging

My mind, my mouth-
They're not my own;
My body, my emo-tions-
They're being controlled.
What is this that's going on
In supposedly me?
Why is it that this universe
Is acting so hauntingly?
Slowly being possessed by,
creatures, unheard and unseen;
Defiling my fond memories,
erasing my haven, so serene.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


And like the wind moves the waters
Like the storms that rage the trees
So her body shifts with no exertion
To the sounds of nature's breeze

Her mind is numb to the city
Her feet do not touch the ground
Heavenly her arms caress the pain
From the mistakes that hauntingly surround

Steams damn the windows to her soul
The punishment to hold it within
Throat's aching to release
Her consequential mortal sins

Seamlessly embracing the thoughts
That others' can ignore with ease
Until the day that darkness showers
So she may finally lie and rest in peace

Friday, June 1, 2012

Without Consequence

That you could see how the darkness suffocates my soul
That the mere thought of touch hardens my skin
So many years of going through the shows with masks of varying colors
All so that no one will know what it feels like to die everyday
And awaken yet again to relive the past as though it was that morning
Each water drop acid pains my cheeks and no hand dare touches to wipe it away
For the fear of being hurt themselves is far greater than the ache to help another
Why must we forego on day that give us no rest?
Why must we live on the days that we wish we did not exist?
Are there no times allowed for us to become visibly invisible?
For someone to know the strife that we are anguishing ourselves through
Without having to utter a sound nor shed a single tear
Is there anyone that can comprehend the language of tears
The language of cries that make no sound
The pangs on a chest that wishes to burst open but it trapped within these bones
What life is this that we are given no choice without consequence?

Angels' Sing

Sit still and listen
They sing for us
If you listen close enough
The angels, they're singing
The louder you hear
The clearer the sounds
The closer you are
To going home
So listen attentively
Be astuste with your ears
For when they come singing
They are coming for you