Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Time

It's about time, that I think about me
And when it's about me, I think of my three
Look to the future, learned from the past
All wounds heal, though scars may last

There's no time to let myself wasting time thinking about you
There's no room in my heart to be aching with what you've done to me
No nothing in this world is worth hanging on to
Especially, the person you've shown yourself to be
'Cause its about time

This morning I smiled because I knew I was moving on
This afternoon I enjoyed the sun as it tickled my skin
Tonight I laid down to dream of the possibilities
And thankfully, you were nowhere to be seen

It's about time that I start thinking about me
And when I think of me that counts my 1,2,3
Walking on the Lord's path of the straight and narrow
Knowing that where He leads is where I need to go

Friday, September 18, 2009

At The Show

Caught a disease with no cure
My soul seems to be giving up on me too
Finding it difficult to breathe
Avoidable but I was still fooled

I spend the days wandering
And at night insomnia takes hold
Sleep won't bring any peace
My mind overworked with no goal

Please tell me when it's curtain call
This play is horrid who chose the cast
Watching characters all take their place
While I'm trying to decipher my past

Was I meant to be a comedy
Because it feels like you're all laughing
What melodramatic plot it seems
But I'm still lost with what's happening

Anticipation for the end
A chance for that final bow
But will I have the strength
Will I have anything left

It's still getting harder to breathe
And it's getting harder to see
My mind's playing tricks on me
Let me go pleading to be set free

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 months

comparing seven years to three months
how can I not forget you or get you out of my mind
when we've been apart longer than we were together
comparing seven years to three months
the radio plays a sad song and i think of you
next song is a fuck you and your face comes up too
wishing i could hate you for breaking my heart
as i sit here comparing, seven years to your 3 months
state lines were crossed not cities over
nothing permanent did you leave behind
but yet how can i not stop thinking about you
when all we had was a short time
when all we had were a few nights
when all we had you threw away
we didn't have years not even one
so how can i compare seven years to three months
what makes you stand out
what makes you shine
why is it that i keep pressing rewind
thinking of when you'd make me laugh
guess time spent is irrelevant
so seven years is nothing compared
to your barely three months

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Again

Pure thirst for your waters, a crave that's so owning
I close my eyes and imagine, how satisfying is your drink
Cool calm crisp, yes fulfilling, my dreams are deterring
Just one sip will be plenty, oh no - who am I kidding

I tasted it once, and soon was addicted
Selfish I was, cause I didn't wish to share
Your waterfalls where another's property
So before I was enslaved, I forced you free
And I see you again, and my body convulses
Like heroin, I seek satisfaction
Oblivious you are, to my devising
I'm trying so hard, but there's an ulterior plan

Like a vampire thirsts for blood
Like a child craves attention
Like the wounded seek healing
Like the afraid cry for comfort
Like the wild can never be tamed
Like the truth can never be hidden
Enthralled I am by you
But it's all so conflicted

Years forced to drink stale waters, knowing none could satisfy
Closing my eyes, letting myself wander, to where ever you are