Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who knows

Who knows where the path leads
Who knows where we travel in our dreams
The nightmares so surreal
Who is to say what is truly real
So many thoughts bombard
So many pictures of what is serene
What is to say what is reality


There are words swimming in my brain
There are pictures flooding my space
There are feelings revolting in place
Who are these people running this race?

So easy to point the blame
Not so easy to brush the shame
Memories in pieces show some face
And so quickly monsters take their place

So hopeless helpless hitherto I bring it to you
So fearless you seem
So heartless in me
So practical for him
Secrets are well hidden within

Many are dreamers the endless spectrum of fears

Forgive me

It was 3 o'clock in the morning
You had no stop light warning
Of the demons that would choke when you called.
The words yelled out belittling
And I stood by and watched
My own fear had me frozen
And nothing I had done.
Do you forgive me
For allowing the beating
Like spear flames the pain flew
And i stood on and watched.
It destroyed what little we had built
And it's obviously my fault
Your forgiveness I seek
To go back to what once was...