Saturday, July 16, 2011

Corona Chatting

I'm sitting here, enjoying my Corona - which I pour into a wine glass because I'm a classy bitch like that - and I'm wondering I have a lot to say.  First off, this whole parenting thing is so overrated.  If you think having kids is a chore then you should just sterilize yourself now and do the world of favor and not raise the next serial killer.  Seriously, yeah they drive you insane, but not one day of insanity has made me ever regret being a parent.  If it ever does, I just take a happy pill because obviously my mind is playing cruel jokes on me.  Side note, my mind plays jokes on me quite often, it's why I am on medication.  You see for those that have never experienced hearing voices and seeing people's faces morph into their true demon form, you have no idea what it's like to have a mind which you don't control.  A mind should never play tricks on you, ever.
Anyway, parenting, being a mom, being a mom and wife.  Now that's the funniest thing ever, me being a wife.  Me being married.  I don't think anyone that has known me long enough would have ever seen me as being a wife, a mom yes, but not someone's wife.  I don't think the word marriage - hold on, need a drink - ever entered my conscious or even my subconscious.  It was just never something that merited any weight as to being something positive.  My mother wasn't married, my grandmother wasn't, and mostly no one in my family really ever had a huge big deal about getting married either.  I mean I have cousins that are married and aunts and uncles, but it was never an emphasis, not like you see on T.V. anyway.
Now I am a wife, but first I was a mother, and before that I was Patricia.  I'm pretty sure I'm still her just older and wiser but still full of all the mischief *insert winky smiley face here*.  I have a pretty good husband if I do say so myself.  He's loving, funny, and, to be utterly frank, great in bed *insert winky smiley face here*.  for anyone interested, the most memorable moment I have with him is probably every moment.  It's like we're a fucking comedy series or something.  More on that to come later, right now I want to enjoy my buzz.

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