Thursday, January 12, 2012

Succinct I am NOT

  • So apparently I am the ONLY PERSON in the greater Orlando area that is on Saphris.. How do I know this? you ask.. be I have been to 6 different pharmacies and no one has it and they even called other stores for me! So I have to wait until Monday to get it.. did i fail to mention that I don't have anymore and add to that basket that I am slowly going up and up and up to the point that i was driving on the highway and almost got into two car accidents to the point that i caught myself swerving w the beat of a song.. to the point that i kept hearing them calling to take my babies away to the point that I was going to just walk right into the hospital and tell them i'm going kill someone if u don't admit me.. to the point that i can't decipher stars from being UFO.. to the point that i'm yelling from my porch I SEE YOU!!!!!! I CAN SEE YOU!!!!! And then realize that none of this is logical yet i have no logical explanation and now this post has taken a life of its own and i can't seem to stop bc i have had so many thoughts so many conversations ppl commenting on everyone that i saw today like the lady w the fro who wears makeup and fancy clothes yet she needs a pedicure or the boy who is being defiant in school who is obviously just acting up bc he is having issues w being gay yet he does not know it or won't admit to it.. and if ur still reading this God bless your heart bc u have more patience than me bc i don't know if i could have read something this long not at least right now maybe sometimes but definitely infinitely catastrophically immaculately manifest destiny perhaps someday this will make sense.. I want to b normal.. I am in therapy to learn how to b human bc right now I feel like I am alien to this world.. this flesh has me confined.. i want to erase the layers that clog and suffocate my being spirit soul whatever what have you to do if you do this and not that as a matter of face it can be and will be what u want it to be unless ur in the sea and see what i see for what i see you can't see bc then u would b me and then who would i be, u see?

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