Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is me, this moment in time...

Black hole, deep ocean waters, slowly pulling me in.
The waters freezing cold, but soon as the tide rises, I go numb.
Wanting for the wounds to heal and fighting for more blood
A struggle between spirit and flesh, who will become victorious?
Old scars I plainly see, and hide them from the world.
There's no vacancy in normal land.
I'm sitting in the cold, shivering as I write.
But still I take the pain, all that I deserve.
A breakthrough I have made, but in denial still.
Try to focus on tomorrow, happiness is a nightmare.
A tease people flaunt, or more skilled at hiding it than me.
Sing a song of sorrows, morbid pleasures found through pains.
Slowly tearing at my heart, vein by bloody vein.
Full is my chest, release I do desire.
Slit my throat to ease the pressure, of living in the valleys of despair.
Self destruction is the goal, self destruction is all I know.
Self destruction with no end, or none that I was told.

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