Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hero In

Staring at the needle stuck in my arm
Waking up to fuzzy memories
Scent of sweat in the air is unfamiliar
And I can't seem to move my legs

Light pierces my eyes mercilessly
Jackhammers deafen my ears
There must be a door somewhere
Footsteps are slowly approaching

Then some lips make my neck their home
And soon enough they find mine
Instincts take over and I follow
As I breathe in memories of the night

Questions become jarbled pictures
Answers all seem irrelevent
Lost time now forever forgotten
Let me enjoy this fog I'm in

Heavy weight lifted via single injection
Unsolicited pleasures fill my chest
The butterflies are free to escape now
But instead they continue chaotically

Dangerous lines have been crossed
When dreams blend nightmares together
Time will show as wrinkles do age
Of what is to become of all this

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