Sunday, September 27, 2009

About Time

It's about time, that I think about me
And when it's about me, I think of my three
Look to the future, learned from the past
All wounds heal, though scars may last

There's no time to let myself wasting time thinking about you
There's no room in my heart to be aching with what you've done to me
No nothing in this world is worth hanging on to
Especially, the person you've shown yourself to be
'Cause its about time

This morning I smiled because I knew I was moving on
This afternoon I enjoyed the sun as it tickled my skin
Tonight I laid down to dream of the possibilities
And thankfully, you were nowhere to be seen

It's about time that I start thinking about me
And when I think of me that counts my 1,2,3
Walking on the Lord's path of the straight and narrow
Knowing that where He leads is where I need to go

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