Sunday, October 10, 2010

Running water ran so hot, to the point it felt like ice
It overflowed, to drown this soul, wouldn't that be so nice
Glaciers melt, mountains move, no mirror knows my name
Hopeless it seems, for time to stand still, nothing is the same

What a wonder it would be, if I could turn off my thoughts
To close my eyes and into a deep sleep take off
But my mind's not that simple, what I know I can't erase
Fighting those "snakes with knives" I won't win that race

My heart is full of sorrows, my pain is manifest
My legs walking in circles, my eyes could use some rest
My soul weighs so heavy, my hands tremble and shake
My words are a stutter, my mind's seeded with hate

Convenience, I fit your plan
Ignorant, I was to the facts
I was an option, you were my only choice
I can't stop crying, to the sound of your voice

Who knows, how long, these days, will culminate
I'll try, but for how long, to-day, we're testing fate
The water runs deep and my blood's boiling
In between tears I see someone's truth unfolding

Sweet sorrow, with a vengeance you have returned
Will my compassion be kicked to the curb?
I want to move on and say all is well
But with each burning tear I wish you to hell

Trees stand strong, roots run deep, engulf me, would you please
Leaves of fall, so beautiful, come bury me, oh come bury me
Sun so bright, with your heat, turn me to ashes so I may sleep
Wind come strong, blow me away, spread my ashes across city streets

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