Sunday, October 10, 2010


I want you to know, but I don't want to have to tell you
I want you to understand without me saying a word
I want you to hear my thoughts without me speaking
Is that too much to ask of you, Is that too much to wish for?

The truth it hurts, more sometimes than the lying
And truth be told, there are things I haven't told you
My anger stems from years of so much crying
And I fake these smiles for the pain to be ignored

It hurts to think I know you'll never truly know me

My hearts walled off, there's no sense in trying
Most days I wake, to a stranger's reflection
My mind's made up, there's no use in fighting

I keep shutting you out, and I've hidden the key
Actions speak louder than words, come find me

I can be very frustrating, difficult, and senseless it seems
But this is the only life I have, and no one will protect me 'cept me

I made you out to be per-fect
I made you out to be a fairy-tale
I made you out to be my sa-vior
I allowed myself to be so-frail

I fell without a net

Like Alice falling for hours
Excitement surmounted
But you weren't there

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