Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chronic Conditions of The Mind

Tick-tock, I can hear it - getting louder as my eyes glaze.
Tick-tock! So deafening, my heart it has replaced.
Solemn, sweet solitude, its silence I cannot bear.
Chivalry, and such kindness, at this alien I stare.

Inhaled the demons, exhaled what's left of me.
Chased these nightmares into proverbial dreams.
These voices I had buried, or so I thought.
I don't deserve the tormenting, when will it stop.

Tick-tock I can hear it, numbing out my mind.
Numbers melting away, along with the time.
The gnawing I cannot feign, or force away.
In cycles, it keeps happening, worsening each day.

These tonics and potions will fix me once more.
I'm slaved into paying the price, drug whore.
The bleeding quickly ends, and I sit still.
Feeling rushes me, fuck you and your pills.

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