Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Last One on the Left

You still make ugly things beautiful, for each day I know you, I regain a sense of self
No one can replace who you, and I laugh at any fool that would  attempt this
One of a kind cannot scratch the surface of your uniqueness

The diseases of life can effect us all, and of this I am no stranger
But is life not more exquisite when you have survived through the putrid?
Can we not find perfect love in someone that once made us livid?

Acceptance of us, you, I, me and them
Being true to yourself is something I have always envied
For at times I feel like a puppet
These strings cut at my wrist
Yet you live life fully, ups and downs

Through the waves of existence you swim freely
Without restriction, without forgiveness
For you are you at all times
When I only seem to be me when in solitude
or When in your presence

Dearest last one on the left
You're actually first line line

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