Sunday, November 11, 2012


Stranger days and strangers tonight
Face is known well, but not to my sight
Circles I ran, but me they still find
Screeching, "Empty the crowded mind!"
Laughter enclosed in my skull so tight
A horror, a nightmare, it's one of a kind

As my eyes swell, my throat tightens
They know the secrets of what most frightens
Pulling the strings, control escapes
Souls so lost, disappeared agape
The darkness thickens, no light can brighten
Deny the reality of this horrid fate

Trials to strengthen, weakness prevails
Masked hope in close distance - to no avail
Searching the skies for what looks like years
Trying to stand in the rushing waters of tears
This is no lie, but heart crushing tale
This is no lie, but my heart crushing tale

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