Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frowning Clown

Mid summer's heat but the air I breathe is cold
Surrounded by hundreds of people and so alone
I can speak their languages but no one speaks my own
My childhood a distant memory yet not full grown

Am I just going to be..
Is this what it's supposed to be..
Why can't I finish a thought.

Prison once favored me..
But I fought to be free..
Lost focus of what I sought.

In the calamity I can see the distant familiarities
Within my chaos I am in complete serenity
No expectations for you to understand this insanity
Don't be fooled by coherent talk there is no lucidity.

Tripped with nobody around
But still felt like a fool
This skin doesn't seem to fit anymore

I am the frowning clown
Bringing laughter to your town
Though I bear heartaches galore

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