Saturday, May 22, 2010


What are you?
An optical illusion it seems
Instructed to stare for pictures to appear
But my eyes grow weak
And the tears build up
Choking on dense air
As I gasp for a scrap of understanding

What has become of you?
Smiles like clouds
Have changed their shape to fool
Once staring joyfully back
Now storms take form
And the water drenches to drown
As I reach out for a touch to save me

Who has brought you?
The logic of probability
Translates into a near impossible event
But yet I stand here watching
With no clear sense
Of what is up nor down
And no way of knowing the truth from lies

Why do you stay?
To taunt to laugh to tease
Since I no longer run with fervor
Only apathy transpires
Bricks glare back at me
Extracting my tears for stability
This wall I never intended on building is built

Where did you go?
The war you endured
Is only obvious to in your eyes
And with a shield
All is kept covered and kept away
And I talk to myself
Regardless of whom interpret judgments on themselves

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