Friday, June 11, 2010

Wishing Things Were Simpler

If my tears could spell out the words I wish to say
Oh how easy it'd be for you to understand me
If my tears could sing the song of my heartaches
Oh then you would see what is happening to me

There are not enough words to properly describe
The minute changes I go through in this life
Stepping stones hardly know Who I'll be today
Will anyone really bother to recognize my face

If my silent stares could be translated
Oh how happy you'd be to know what's bothering me
If my gasping breath had a breakable code
Oh how accomplished you'd feel to get inside of me

But things aren't so simple I'm not what you'd expect
An open book you have before you but not in English
A little leg work to put out, aren't I worth that?
And just when you think you got it, you won't be done yet.

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