Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 months

comparing seven years to three months
how can I not forget you or get you out of my mind
when we've been apart longer than we were together
comparing seven years to three months
the radio plays a sad song and i think of you
next song is a fuck you and your face comes up too
wishing i could hate you for breaking my heart
as i sit here comparing, seven years to your 3 months
state lines were crossed not cities over
nothing permanent did you leave behind
but yet how can i not stop thinking about you
when all we had was a short time
when all we had were a few nights
when all we had you threw away
we didn't have years not even one
so how can i compare seven years to three months
what makes you stand out
what makes you shine
why is it that i keep pressing rewind
thinking of when you'd make me laugh
guess time spent is irrelevant
so seven years is nothing compared
to your barely three months

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