Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Again

Pure thirst for your waters, a crave that's so owning
I close my eyes and imagine, how satisfying is your drink
Cool calm crisp, yes fulfilling, my dreams are deterring
Just one sip will be plenty, oh no - who am I kidding

I tasted it once, and soon was addicted
Selfish I was, cause I didn't wish to share
Your waterfalls where another's property
So before I was enslaved, I forced you free
And I see you again, and my body convulses
Like heroin, I seek satisfaction
Oblivious you are, to my devising
I'm trying so hard, but there's an ulterior plan

Like a vampire thirsts for blood
Like a child craves attention
Like the wounded seek healing
Like the afraid cry for comfort
Like the wild can never be tamed
Like the truth can never be hidden
Enthralled I am by you
But it's all so conflicted

Years forced to drink stale waters, knowing none could satisfy
Closing my eyes, letting myself wander, to where ever you are

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