Thursday, August 11, 2011

To You. With Tears, Me.

Forever seems to long when you have nothing to live for anymore
Forever seems so long when you've given up on the life promised
A waste such a waste
What a sad tragedy
This time will be the last, or so you say
Get out, Get out!
There's no time like now to begin
Get out, escape!
Show us this time it's for real.

Forever seems not so bad when it means the pain is dead
Forever seems like the best choice when it means giving up
Time will tell what you'll make
Tragic you are
A star in your drama
Time for no one
Get out, Get out!
Don't let demons take hold
Get out, Get out!
They're winning
And you didn't give them a fight

Forever ago it seems
You had your dreams
Ever flowing stream
Of what it used to be

Get out, get out... before turning back, you can't.