Saturday, August 8, 2009

Choose Where You Live

Complications, what an imagination
Saying you love me, was this a dream
Considerations, no hesitations
Actions turn your words into hypocrisy

Fell in love, with the memory of me
I'm guilty as well of the same thing
For the past can be what we want it to be
Regardless of - facts or reality

And there you go, Once again
Choosing solitude, Over happiness
No translation, to understand
Yet destroying all, that hasn't happened yet

The cracks in the wall won't self repair
The hole in the ground won't be fixed with air
You can go on living in self made despair
But I've chosen to no longer live there

Implications, of ageless temptations
You said the words, I needed to hear
Such frustration, bullshit situation
Your silence now seems to scream of fear

A dark room, of your own making
Come outside open your heart and mind
Take the jump, no safety net needed
I once heard, it's about faith being blind

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