Saturday, August 1, 2009

DDK - A Short Intro

If you were a Dirty Dorm Kid, you obviously had to live in the Freshman dorms. However, there were other criteria that for the most part summed us up. You met your friends on the benches for a smoke, you more than likely did not have a car, and you were entertained by things that most people (regardless) of age would never understand the fascination behind.

The entertainment portion of our lives was possibly the most random aspect. From dripping melted Walmart bags to stuffing ourselves into a dryer at the campus laundromat, we were never lacking in amusement. Or how about taking a shower in a broken sulfur water spewing sprinkler? Or jumping into bushes, or rather falling from the laundromat rooftop into a tree? And of course, we had a few activities that fit into a "normal" category such as skating around campus at 3am or well - drinking at Bill's.

I'm still not sure how some of us survived the life threatening antics we constantly paraded ourselves in, but we did. And now years later, it's about time the stories are shared. Some mundane, some outrageous, all of it experienced first hand by DDK.

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