Monday, August 10, 2009

You're Not There

Your lips are distant, their memory slips away
Your words fade to silence, my head turns gray
Colors once vivid, my heart pounds a song
Yet my throat chokes me, so quickly it goes wrong

Standing firm on the concrete to gliding on clouds
In an instant I'm falling, quickly crashing down
And you're not there, to catch me on my descent
And you're not there, to lay claim to the consequence

Is it instinctual or pure malevolence, forcing me to look back
Soon as I have a grasp on my mind's heart, you bring up the past
False hope empty words, you overflow my wine glass
Drunk with love stories, again a fool for your romance

Your eyes once shined and my smiles became addicted
Your embrace so easily would ease away my conflictions
And you're not there, but I no longer expect you to be
And you're not there, hungover I'll pick up what's left of me

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