Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Kidnapping Trip - A DDK story

"It's the size of my pink nail," I said in awe of the small red square I was given in the elevator of our dorm building. I was instructed to just put it on my tongue and so I did. We were heading to Steak n' Shake to begin our late night. She had a car, she was an exception, and so we headed to the garage. I wondered how long it would take for the chemicals to be absorbed into my bloodstream. I lit a cigarette soon as we got out of the building. More than likely there were other DDK smoking on the porch, it was only around 1am, and we were all night owls. But my memory of the details before the LSD took hold are blurry- I don't even remember ordering any food. I do remember the 2 New Yorkers.

My brain was slowly succumbing to the foreign visitor, and New Yorker 1 and 2 were laughing loudly about their adventures of the night. By this time, bars were closed and people piled in to get a late night drunk feast. We sat there chatting about who knows what when NY1 began to speak to us. His "game" was obvious since I could see the words spill from his mouth and fall flat to the floor. I couldn't help but laugh, he must have thought he had such swagger. But for the sake of entertainment, we humored them. They joined us and we talked, again I have no clue what we went on about. They were still drunk, and well, my mind was slipping off into a land of make believe.

Our evening had just begun and theirs was headed to their beds. She invited them to go on a cruise around town, they foolishly agreed. At this point, we both were behaving pretty sane. So we drove, and the babbling began. They were both in the back seat, and I only remember NY1 because he had long hair. They both spoke Spanish. The stoplights were pouring unto passing cars, and the world seemed perfect. NY1 & 2 asked if we smoked, so they bummed a cigarette, and asked again if we smoked. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Yeah, but not tonight" we offered no further explanation. We just continued to discuss home and travel and about their visit. I must have started to become pretty transparent because NY1 asked, "ok you're not smoking tonight, but what's going on?" Again, we laughed - bordering on hysteria this time because we just the music louder, and I started to sing along. A serenade of the mind fuck we were now in. What time was it anyway?

"This is her first time tripping," she finally gave them a bone to pick at since their curiosity had them salivating.

"Word? Like on acid and shit," NY2's eyes began to laugh as he looked at me and the derangement that was my behavior. It finally made sense, he finally eased up. Both of them did, until she added, "We both are, but this isn't my first time."

I could see fear turning the wheels in their minds. What have they gotten themselves into? Who are these strangers they are riding around with? Two women that they could possibly over power, yet for all they know were serial killers. Oh the joys of youth and foolishness of men who think they know what's going on.

My singing continued, I'm sure so did the conversation. They asked where we were going, I said somewhere that is nowhere and therefore who knows when we'd find it. I was dead serious, and we all laughed. I don't know if the laughing ever stopped. "We have somewhere to go that would blow your mind since you're high," and we arrived at man's home that used colors to make music.

We were thankful for the warning before we met our host. He was a black man whose face had been half blown off by a shotgun. I stared for a few moments, but then ran to the floor of his living room and sat down. There were colors singing to me! Magnificent colors of purple, pink, blue green, just all floating in the air. I heard them all chatter and politely the conversation reached me, but I wanted nothing of it. "Just feed my eyes more music!" I've spoken enough times in my lifetime, and heard enough drabble out of mouths to last two lifetimes. I had nothing to say. What time was it?

She said it was time to head out and experience more since we only had a few hours left. Saddened to leave my singing pictures, I was hoisted from the ground that I had been fixed to. We departed with happy goodbyes and nice to meet you thanks for the show goodday evening adios. Where to? Water.

My cheeks were in the worst of pains from laughing, and our detainees seemed as though they had had enough. True troopers they were, we offered to take them home, but they insisted on continuing on the adventure. Oh what night.. the lyrics tickled my brain. Nothing they said mattered as long as music was playing. I chimed in every now and then with a "bulluckers!" here and there when I heard some bullshit, and she was being the quaint hostess as I was ignorant to any advances.

"We're here!" I opened my door and flew towards the woods. "Wait for me!" She called out, more motherly than as friend that didn't want to miss out. I dead stopped. Frozen in space. Not one muscle moved until I was joined by her, NY1 & 2.

We were at the end of Greek Road, walking through the woods to reach the water. I could feel my heart pounding. "That means you're finally coming down," she informed. "We've got maybe how long then?" She didn't say, knowing that that would ruin any last minute shenanigans.
"Be careful for gators!" I warned NY1 & 2 with a giggle. The fear wheels turned in disbelief. They weren't sure if I was lying. I wasn't going to tell them I was. So I bolted, running in zigzags to keep the creatures away from me. I looked back and suggested that they follow suit. And when they did, I fell on the floor in a hysteria of laughter.

We reached the dock, and I almost began to cry. The moon and the sun were both occupying the sky. It was sad, only twice a day they can see each other. For eternity, this is how they live. It was so quiet, my voice was stolen. Each breeze that blew on my face took my words. They skipped on the water like a stone. The sun was rising and I could feel the heat beat on my chest. "Wow, this place is nice," "SHHH!!!" Fools, such beauty to be disturbed by stating the obvious.

"Stop doing that, you'll hurt your eyes"

"But, look at how the border melts into the water"

"Stop, you'll damage your eyes"

"Fine." But no matter how many times I was scolded or shown something else, my eyes would wander back up. The sun was reading my soul, and hugging my every last breath. I didn't want it to end, but I didn't want to sober up there either. So it was agreed.

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