Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 2 of Brewing

And you breathe the medicine
Breathe and your lung open wide
To welcome the air
That's been choked out of you
And you run rabid in effect
Of what they've given you
For they know not the poison
That they've allowed you to take
And you lose your mind
And laugh out loud
Because no one knows your capable hands
And while some laughed at you
Revenge taste sweet in the end
With blood poured in each stab
And rushing out the door
In new clothes and a car waiting
You jump in and to w friends hiding
Rushing w the rush of doing stupid things
Like being a klepto and not giving a shit
And driving through red lights
In the pouring rain
You're alive again
You crave it all again
You can smell it again
You can taste it again
You want to feel it again
And in time it brews inside of you
And all beware when it's ready

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