Thursday, December 29, 2011

Potential Breaking Point

My head is spinning, I can't stop thinking
I can't control where my mind wanders to
I don't understand, it's getting out of hand
Some peaceful sleep is long overdue

For you see the time, and it feels like a crime
To deprive my body of rest well deserved
Thoughts in my skull, oh anything but dull
I resume the game from an energy reserve

I close these eyes, but to my demise
In this state of mind that's almost impossible to do
Breathe in slow and out, relax to sleep no doubt
But it's not that easy for my body its true

All the sounds are specific, in my ears nearly terrific
The purest form of feeling the realm which I exist
To bottle this serum, inject directly this venom
These thoughts are forced and I can't resist

Will power defeated, my emotions mistreated
So worn out I fathom I look ghostly grim
No earthly potion, seeking the perfect concoction
And witch doctors brews are wearing me thin

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