Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do you Know me?

this is just the beginning of this cycle of mine
feeding the monsters that live in my mind
they thrash at my soul until I submit
and they take me by pieces bit by bit

the voices they shout no matter the day
they scream in my head they won't go away
so loud its deafening can't hear others speak
til the point of no matter I welcome defeat

for they say the cuts heal but scars remind
of the weakness that we have tried to hide
smiles and laughter we gave and we gave
no one suspecting the depths of our graves

sometimes I hear the sound of bells ring
I hear the angels from above sing
I wonder if this day will relief it bring
then shadows come along with the burning

suicide has no guide we live on experience
the sadness that we pour to others oblivious
and when they ask us what's wrong
we ask them what's right
with awkward stares they turn
and walk out of sight

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