Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happiness Rhymes with Emptiness

Dangerous are the waters of my mind
Dare you touch the skin that lives inside 
Thoughts unbearable in a life so sublime
Only heavy shadows here reside

Hold onto broken promises,
Pieces of truths glued again.
Cutting myself on the remnants,
I'm sorry I'm such a pessimist.
But these words ring loud...
Can't deafen the sound...

Voices in my head, toxins they spread.
Shifting in my seat, and pounding defeat.
In circles I run around, in my ocean underground.
Drowning slowly away, still finding my way.
Out of this skin...
That I'm forced in...

No, I'm not depressed, not living in some emptiness.
Yes, I'm frustrated, happiness is overrated.

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