Thursday, October 6, 2011

In A Box

Stored away is the vast world we once knew
Trying to salvage that time in our youth
Where we didn't dream because life was grand
And sleep was just for the weary at hand

Where water had their magick ways
And we'd dance night into days
And despite all our illnesses
We had no use for their medicines

While they looked in, we looked out
We could walk on wind, we had no doubt
There were never rules but endless truths
In the garden, where Adam never ate Eve's fruit

The smoke we exhaled cleared our eyes
The sand helped welcome each sunrise
Barefoot we each paved the road
Hand in hand we would tread home

And though memories seem a bit askew
That was the life that I once knew
Through fanfares, ballads, and suicides
The past is who I'm left to hide

Each pill swallowed, is a memory erased
Each bottle thrown away, is time replaced
The smiles I own are manufactured
And how I crave to hear their laughter

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