Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dancer's End

She sways like the waves of the ocean
Everyone watches hypnotized
With the beat of the drums her hips thump
All heads follow unknowingly
In circles all at once carressing her audience
Stopping in front of a dirty stranger
The rhythms changing her direction
What is this pounding of his drum
No longer does she orchestrate the song
From his hands a new bass echoes
Possessed, entrapped, her body is not her own
Swift movements force her chest out
A loud boom arches her back
The floor has become covered in hot coals
And as she attempts to escape
Her skirts used to fan away the heat
These seconds turn to minutes
Everyone there knows that she’s disappeared
To a place where all she can hear
Is this dirty strangers bass drum beat
Sweat rolls between her breast
Her lungs inhale their last breath
And as suddenly as it all had begun
She falls in exhale to her knees
Face down, covered by her mane
His callous hands touch her cheek
And like a weightless body, she rises
Their eyes meet, he smiles, she dies

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