Saturday, July 18, 2009


I saw you yesterday and my worst fears came true
Frozen I stood, but I was invisible to you
Your eyes were glazed, speech was silent
You lied empty, spilled with broken promises

Last minutes seen on your ghostly face
Left here to dry in this forbidden space
Who what where when why and how
The sirens are blaring should I hide now

After all is done, said all in past tense
Over to my right freedom - a fence
But frozen still my feet refuse
So I come down to lie next to you

Your mouth has not changed, your eyes gleam blue
But your lips no longer smile, your necks askew
All those years now wasted away
Stand up dear for here you can’t stay

My vision is blurred only to focus on you
No one will ever believe you’d ever be subdued
And past the ocean of viewers I stroll
No looking back, for my heart has grown cold

On this once warm night, you were torn apart
Shame on you my sweet, for breaking my heart

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