Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eyes Escape

Stared at the canvas beneath each brushstroke
From a glance I saw myself crying
With every second that passed by
I saw the colors emerging

Blue as the ocean, spots of white from a cloud
Showered in red from their bleeding hearts
Greenest of green as though from a child
The brightest orange stolen from fires

Your face hung in the middle of that chaos
But your name I could not recognize
Your eyes burned straight through my history
So many secrets were no longer mine

Sitting there for the next three hours
Each glance stole something new
At some point a stranger sat beside me
Politely gave, a how do you do

Certain of the innocence of his intention
I turned to him to reply
Stunned at the face that i encountered
Short of breath thinking let me die

His smile was awkward and silent
His voice as mysterious as his clothes
No telling where he came from nor going
He took hold of my arm we rose

No direction no words no people around
The halls echoed with my steps
Somewhere between minutes and miles
I blinked and suddenly came back

Voices and laughter, shushing from guards
And I on this bench alone
Gathered my things and said goodbye
Time to begin the trek home

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