Saturday, July 18, 2009


Pictures in my mind so hard to describe
The chaos, homicide, and the suicides
These nightmares that I cannot define
What pulses my veins what draws these lines
Social acceptance for it I'm not inclined
Though to be normal tempted I will not lie
Live the typical ways and never shine
Words spoken clearly and to never misguide
Low ambitions be set ignore my pride
Making due in this world so happy and blind
For if I do not see how can I be deprived
Too late for me now because I've seen the life

Possibilities, grandiosities, but not live lavishly
Live accordingly, with a sense of satisfactory
Use the extent of my abilities, no animosity
For me, myself, and I can be friends not enemies

Intelligent enough to know I'm not the brightest
Too emotional to prance around in disguises
So impulsive I've become drowned in consequences
Wet eared thinking I have an eternity of chances
Accustomed to having it all served on a silver platter
Throwing tantrums if and when making them all scatter
Grown with responsibilities of my own, I can't handle
Wrong decisions have turned reality into such a scandal

Now these nightmares every morning I try to decipher
A snake thought dead and riding in the mouth of a tiger
A whorehouse of halls with awaiting men
Unknowing that they have all paid for their very end
Of kingdoms of demons and creatures alike
Taking on forms and soaring through the skies
From a fast food restaurant to a parallel world
Where you had to prove yourself more than a mere girl
Getting arrested and taken to speak to a judge
Having a twin sister take advantage mark you corrupt
Seeing the insanity slowly take over those around
Instead of escaping, dig yourself deeper in the ground

What has become of me?
What is this I'm saying?
Is this another test,
Or more proof of my crazy?

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