Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Opium

Your addiction is worse than any cocaine
Ecstacy brings laughs, but you destroy pain
I take a deep breath and inhale you in
Oh, my sweet opium, make love to me again

After years of searching through the abuse
You appeared in my life and became my muse
Through different eyes I see the same shadows
What's come over me, I'm breathing so shallow

This taste in my mouth now fills my mind
Nightmares surround and become to unwind
I'm hostage to your sensual scent
Don't stop please I beg, I'm not ready yet

This pipe my hand loves to caress
The burn I can feel travel through my breast
It fogs my head, and tingles my ears
I can see the walls closing in, but feel no fear

My heart is a strangers, beating in my chest
The regrets of the past I soon forget
Circus clowns are jumping on my bed
And we laugh til dawn when dreams lie dead

My opium, soft skin, smooth touch, betrayer
So many promises made doomed for failure
Once here now gone, no longer could I afford
And the truth resonates as you walked out the door

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