Saturday, July 18, 2009


Rainbows on kittens and teardrops on roses
The sound of smiling people drown my eyes
Place my head on a pillow and I start falling
Dinner’s at 5 and it’s 6a.m. in the sky

My arms are dysfunctional please take them off
Yours look much stronger, may i try them on
Again lost my left shoe, but I hear it calling
My ride has left me, and it’s long past dawn

Allowed myself to believe this was reality
Ignored the no trespassing signs
With words like its about time and I deserve this
Foolish and selfish, this my fantasy of mine

Stared at the sun, the painful beauty was addicting
You warned, but it’s call was louder than your voice
Tears fell onto the dock, and i closed my eyes
It’d be easy to, I whispered, and it’ll be my choice

Slowly we stand up, daytime’s so dreary
The luxurious night has left us once again
Back to my bed, in hopes of sweet dreaming
Praying that the nightmares won’t swarm my head

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