Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reason for Meeting

Fearing wholeheartedly what would become of my mind's heart
Shutting my eyes tightly I moved on blindly
And the mountain I made was in fact a mole hill
Looking in the mirror I laughed hysterically

A silent repression blankets into false senses of security
And it's his own insecurities that direly seek refuge
For though I was fearful, I still continued
But not one step would he take, sad solemn statue

A marionette to your own past, buried in a shallow grave
Cartoonish strength behind denials and carnival masks
Solely the messenger of your potential I am, now I know
But when will you remove that outdated handicap pass

Only so many leaves will fall in autumn
Only so many flakes of snow will pile
Live in fear, fear your own potential
But of that sadness I want no part

Self pity is not a virtue
And fictitious confidence, will only fool a fool

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