Saturday, July 18, 2009


There’s a man sleeping.
Dark circles shadow his eyes.
Hands are hardened,
Wonder when last he smiled.

There’s a child laughing,
Pulling his mothers short hair.
She’s not as amused
Yet no one notices her there

I’m just here sitting -
Silently watching these worlds
What would i do,
If i were in their shoes?
Why do I even care?

Someone is coughing
Into their arm i can see
No one offers a tissue
What happened to empathy?

Was it always like this?
All so callous and cold.
Faces pale and drained,
Dreams torn then tattered,
Waiting to grow old.

Some-day and sometimes..
I add to the ignorance,
Pretend nothing’s around.
But, I can’t always be so blind

One day, the sleep shall awaken,
The depressed will smile.
A child will hug his mother,
A tissue offered will be sublime.

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