Saturday, July 18, 2009


Turn of the century clothes, long gowns, hidden heels
Up the stairs we walked excitedly predicting what was behind those doors
Opened wide as though we were royalty, we were taken by the arm
Entered to an infinitely long hallway of doors that hid secrets
Men bowed their heads and greeted us with sinister smiles
We were each led separately into the only rooms with open doors
Inside a man lay, waiting, expecting, smiling, salivating
Behind me the door shut, and my heart was pounding
This is my new life, for which I pay for with my life
Off the bed he approached and turned me for a thorough inspection
Half turn more and his hands were on my shoulders and back
His heat emanated from his waist and his smell could fool you
Into thinking he were years younger than his face proved
From the men that greeted me earlier, I imagine it could be worse
So I closed my eyes and allowed him to lead my gown to the floor
In my corset and undergarments, I lay on this bed
He started at my ankles, and gently kissed, I was grateful for the time
Slowly he went up my calves and thighs, and deeper into another realm I fell
I imagined a being made of muscle and chivalry, not this old merchant
A tear escaped my eye and fell to the pillow as he made his way
His hands gripped my panties and ripped them off savagely
But I kept still, not allowing his antics to remove me from where I sent myself
He investigated my flower with his thumb, and with his mouth he parted me
I felt him slither around with his tongue, as though he were desert thirsty
Wetness poured his face and I thought he would stop but it made him more fierce
The longer he went, the further away I disappeared, the more I forgot
Soon my hips would move, my back arched, my own thighs I held for support
My forehead perspired, my heart pounded, my breath escaped into moans
As though on signal, he bit me and pulled, and moved his fingers in for the kill
Thrusting, and turning, eating, I could not understand how much more I could stand
He took both his hands and held my hips down, forcing them down
I fought in reflex, then closed my thighs around his neck
And with a final scream I came, and before I opened my eyes I did my job
In a swift movement, I turned my thighs, full torque, until I knew
That his hunger pangs were satisfied, and his soul had left his body

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