Saturday, July 18, 2009


dirt pebbles and stones
all beneath her bare feet
earthly silence surrounds
branches breaking ring the beat

wind blows to knock her down
but steadily she keeps
rhythm with her pounding heart
she's not the prey he seeks

into her territory entrance he schemed
shared her own hunts to be betrayed
smiled and smoldered eyes bled deceit
leaving her half clothed and frayed

had left her there for dead
to his surprise she fled
with prepubescent joy he chased
ignorant to the demons he'd face

a warning shot birds fly
she slows her pace to smile
dead stop pivot he's here
he expects fear but she sneers

he cocks and aims
her arms up to the sky
on cue lightening to his left
off balance he's loss his stance

smoke billows as he rises
ashes blind him entirely
embers target to burn
this is not happening!

voices echo deafen deceive
nothing's what you want to perceive
poor little hunter you prey on the weak
so foolish you were to think it was me

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