Saturday, July 18, 2009


Count the dimensions of the mind’s heart
The levels and complexities that drive
Thoughts to be analyzed infinitely
Words to be dissected to find their origin
Explicitly describing all that is known
While emotions run havoc pure chaos
The moment being is crystal clear
Mouths utter a few words and destroy
Any advancement any conclusions
New page started and hypothesis revised
Novels of notes scribbles and sketches
Reviewing past accounts and consequences
No stranger to the effect of your cause
Foresight is a gift which you’ve proven to lack
Ironically, your few words speak loudly
And when you share volumes they’re lies
Egotistical it was to deem a connection to you
Some things are best left unknown
Fight the urges to scrutinize your actions
Hopeless the subject has become
But a sense of closure I have won

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