Friday, July 31, 2009

Semi-Intro, guess I should

I can't help but analyze situations and people. When I was 3, my mom caught me sitting on the window ledge in our 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago just people watching. I was there for over an hour she thinks. I sat there, quietly, just watching. It is quite easy for me to know what others feel about another. Body language, choice of words, inflections in their voice. It's as easy as hearing a song for the 100th time and reciting the lyrics word for word. People are obvious, predictable, and ignorant of their own nuances. Unfortunately, as good as I will boast about that I am at this, I am entirely oblivious when it comes to what others think of me.

At times I come off as needy, not because I need to be with others, but because I'm trying to understand who I am better by knowing what others think of me. That comes off as insecure perhaps, but of the handful of people who have finally gathered some sort of understanding of who I am, that is of the furthest of my concerns. However, at this point I will make clear, that as much as I care and love and try to be selfless, I am vain, selfish, and will put myself first in many occasions. If this is obnoxious or offending, well, too bad.

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