Saturday, July 18, 2009


Heard a whisper come into my world
It took control of all i was thinking all i was doing
Dropped the phone turned out the lights
Closed my eyes to picture what you looked like
Felt your warm breath upon my neck
Your cheek brushed mine i felt trapped
Moving to music no one could hear
Pressed against my back moving along
The rhythm you followed just fine
Could you hear what i hear, Do you feel what i feel
What are your desires because i know mine
In the dark i’ve no sense of time
I can smell your cologne with each breath I take
Movements are no longer mine
My arms move to find yours, But i’m grasping at the wind
Eyes open where have i gone, Unfamiliar faces surround
Shadows follow without moonlight to guide
And you’re nothing more than a distant memory
The color of your eyes fade, texture of your skin is faint
The sound of your voice belongs to a stranger
But your name still lingers on obscuring my thoughts
As its whispered in my world over and over

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